Thursday, April 05, 2007

Well, our presentation is coming very soon, on this coming monday. So, let's all ganbatte! So now, everyone have to prepare their own slies for the presentation. We had submitted our report, although it was late. We must thank ms suan for spending the time to burn midnight oil and do the report. She mentioned that she fall ill, drink lots of water, ms suan(:

Now is presentation, presentation~

let's all do our part.;

6:00 PM

Friday, March 16, 2007

It is time to update here.

March holidays, we had to work on our project. So back in school, we done up our report. We had organize the project in the way we wanted. We have spilt into community and school, and further categorized them. With some 4-5 hours in the humanities room, most of us completed our reports on various aspects for this project. Now, Ms Suan is helping us to 'mark' our reports, thanks ms SUAN(:

From Ms Suan, we knew that it would most likely be the 9Apr for our presentation. The judges are coming to our school! Till then~


let's all do our part.;

9:30 PM

Friday, February 02, 2007

This blog had been neglected?

These days, we had finished a report of our project quite long ago. This was carried out, as we search on the various aspects of affecting factors. We spilt our jobscope clearly, and we somehow finish one report like in a few hours. It was rather efficient.

But for now, we are collecting data and evidences for the final report. With random takes of our school' students activities during various recess and lunch breaks, and also certain takes in some parks and playground. This would help us increase the range of places, we had planned initially.

The project had been rather smooth these days, and we are mainly doing the collection of evidences. Perhaps, when our evidences are enough, we would then be preparing other things.

More collection of data. Till next time, we would be preparing for final review and our final report! Till then(:


let's all do our part.;

6:57 AM

Sunday, October 29, 2006


Sorry for the late post:P This discussion was far much better than the first one. Guess everyone knew why. Generally, it was smooth and we were self-disclipined before Ms Suan came in. I believe that everyone is loving online discussion. And we settled with details of the project. We have changed our topic and we are going to work on seeing the impact of weather on students. Ms Suan say we are going to take photos(: We completed the registration form together! We had work well with good team spirit. I'm loving online discussion.

Three cheers for everyone for a job well done! XD [ gwen, do up the blog? ]


let's all do our part.;

11:26 PM

Saturday, October 28, 2006

todae we had our second discussion. it was fun and sucessful. had alot of fun and laughter.

`felicia :D

let's all do our part.;

8:14 AM

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

HELLO!! new account :p same url. so fun.

let's all do our part.;

7:04 AM

the web.

welcome to ANGELsblue website~

we are basically a bunch of CUTE, hyper and enthu pupils who are doing a project regarding how the weather affects our daily routine. We're headed by ms daoSUAN - who provides us with neverending supply of condensed milk. and our journey towards diabetes unfolds...


sczeWE - the slave of daosuan
ellis - victim no.1
felicia - victim no.2
wanru - victim no.3
gwen - victim no.4


sadly... our tagboard has been admitted to the hospital due to diabetes... let's pray for its health.

the victims.

felicia TAN